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Levofloxacin: Use, Side Effect, Mechanism action, Interaction, Dose

What is Levofloxacin used forThe Levofloxacin use includes curing of infections, mainly bacterial. For viral fever or common cold, the drug is ineffective. Being a broad spectrum antibiotic, it targets in curing of infections pertaining to urinary tract, skin and respiratory tract. The sinuses, lungs, ears, airways, bones, and joints might not respond to other antibiotics after infection where Levofloxacin can rescue. For diarrhea caused by strains of E. coliCampylobacter jejuni, and Shigella as well as inflammation of prostate glands, this drug can be extremely effective. Obstetric infections like mastitis and inhalation anthrax can also be treated with it. The Levaquin antibiotic can be consumed orally for effective treatment against infections. Oral solutions are obtained at 25 mg/mL concentration. The patient can take this with or without food intake once daily. It is advisable to consume the drug while on an empty stomach. The duration depends on renal response and treatment eff…

Colchicine: Use, Side Effect, Mechanism action and Other Information

Introduction about colchicine Colchicine are available in the market as branded medicine which is manufacture by generic active ingredient called Colchicine, which is mostly useful for the treatment for the gout disease. Colchicine is poisonous natural product and derive metabolite extracted from plants of species called Colchicum Autumnale or Autumn Crocus which are also known as the ‘Meadow Saffron’
ContentsItroduction about colchicineColchicine useColchicine side effectsMechanism of action colchicineOver dose of colchicineHistory of ColchicineWhy colchicine is taking less amount of dose ? Colchicine useThe drug is basically used for treating rheumatic complaints and specifically gout. The medication was also prescribed for its healing and emetic effects. However, currently, this drug is use for medicinal treatments of gout in special besides the drug is being studied for its potential use as the anti-cancer medication. Colchicine can also be use as the primary treatment for pericardi…