Promethazine Use and Side Effect || Mechanism of action

Promethazine is use for the controlling vomiting of  at the time of pregnancy and many
other different cause.

This medicine and some other medicine related to this category helps to reduced toremon ,
rigidity and sialorrhoea of parkinsonism.
Promethazine tablet
Promethazine tablet

This medicine have both the effects like anticholinergic and sedative property. Also comes
under the highlight anticholinergic action.

This medicine have strong membrane stabilizing property. Due to irritation when it injected
through I.V so it is not used in the clinically as local anaesthetic.

This medicine use for motion sickness. To avoiding motion sickness take one tablet before
one hour to start the junney. Also use for morning sickness and postoperative vomiting and
radiation sickness.

It used as preanaesthetic medication due to its sedative property.

This drug are used for many cough syrups to suppress the cough. It act indirectly due to its
symptomatic relief by sedative and anticholinergic property.

This medicine is use to treat parkinson's disease. In the early stage to prevent mild
symptoms and sign or especially of something undesirable.

It is also use for the treatment of acute muscle dystonia (movement disorder) which is
caused by anti dopaminergic drugs.

Due to its CNS depressant action it is use for inducing the sleep in case of children.

This medicine is use in the migraine attack. In the migraine disease some time patients are
suffer headache. Chance of vomiting is increase in that case domperidone 10-20 mg or
prochlorperazine are injection through I.V. But promethazine are helps to preventing
vomiting as well as sedative action.

Promethazine side effect

Promethazine produces the sedation due to its facet of action. This sedation action is not
related to its mechanism.

As like other antihistamine medicine this medicine is also show lowering of blood pressure
when it injected through I.V. It act as smooth muscle relaxation.

This medicine has produced serious respiratory depression in the children may leads to

Dry mouth is the common side effect.

Some allergic reaction sign and symptoms like rash, swallowing or breathing problems,
swelling of the face, throat and tongue.

Liver problem may occurs leads to jaundice.

Muscle stiffness or shaking .

Uncomfortable feeling in the muscle like face, head.

Heart beat increase (palpitations), Irregular heartbeat.

Feeling tiredness which is kept for long time. Some time anemia may occur.

Some other side effect are
Blurred vision                                     Feeling drowsy or sleepy
Nightmares                                        Headaches
Feeling Restless                                 Loss of appetite
Indigestion                                           Hypotension
Feeling Confused                                 Sensitivity to light

Promethazine Mechanism of action

Promethazine is otherwise called protamine,Diphergan,phenergan,phensedyl.. Chemical
formula of this drug is C17H20N2S.
Promethazine stucture
Promethazine stucture

Promethazine is available in the salt form named as promethazine hydrochloride.

This medicine is block H1 Receptor of antihistamine to decrease the effect of histamine on
the effector also block the central histaminergic receptor.

So depressing of reticular system results sedative and hypnotic effect.

Promethazine pharmacokinetic data

About 88 % of this medicine are absorbed through orally. Protein binding capacity of this
medicine are about 93%.Half life of this medicine is upto 16-19 hours.
This medicine is easily excreted through urine and bile .

Dose of promethazine

This medicine is available in the 4 different type of dosage
  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Suppository
  • Injectable solution

Tablets and suppository are available in the market as 12.5 mg ,25 mg ,50 mg.
Injectable dosage form are available in the market 25 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml.
Syrups are available in the market 6.5 mg/5ml.

Dose of this medicine are vary between different age group.

Dose For the allergy

Doctors are strongly recommended that below 5 year age children not take this medication.

For the age group 5-10 year
They can take 40 mg maximum dose per day . but not take this at the single dose.
Two time per day 10 mg or 20 mg has no any side effect .

For the age group above 10 year
They can take 10 mg tablets two time per day. Maximum dose is 20 mg three time per day.

Dose for feeling sick

Age group below 5 year
Doctor prescribe Elixir for this age group to cure symptoms.

Age group 5-10 year
One tablet before going to sleep is good for health . if necessary patients can take another
tablet after 6-8 hour interval.

For the age group above 10 year
These patients are take 20 mg before going to sleep. If necessary patient can take another
dose after 6-8 hours.

This medicine is working well when it take before going to sleep.

Brand and price of Promethazine

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10 tablets and also phenergan syrup 100ml price 31 rupees.

Abbott Healthcare solution pvt ltd manufacture 25 mg tablets price 38 rupees in india.

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