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Tizanidine Use and Side Effect | Mechanism of Action

Information About the Tizanidine Medicine

Tizanidine Tablets
Tizanidine Tablets
Tizanidine use for skeletal muscle relaxant. This medicine is also helps to relieve the stiffness and muscle restrained action when muscle sclerosis happen. Tizanidine also use for injury and also use for different disease in spinal cord. This medicine is short acting muscle relaxer. Some time doctor is also prescribe for the sleep disorder.

Many people are not understand Muscle sclerosis so i try explain in some word Muscle sclerosis is disease occur form the central nervous system and its impact is directly in the this condition some autoimmune disease are occurs
In this condition mylene sheet are mainly affected which is present in the brain .

Doctor some time prescribe for the treatment of Normal headache and symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Tizanidine is also prescribe for the blocking of nerve impulse sending to brain which is helps in muscle spasm ,cramping ,and tightness of muscle .

Some warning for use

Cytochrome enzyme inhibitor

This medicine is naturally inhibit the cytochrome enzyme like CYP1A2 .so those medicine are metabolized by this cytochrome enzyme they are effect for example fluvoxamine and ciprofloxacin.


This medicine produce the hyprotension effect as a result patients are lose the consciousness and circulatory collapse are observe.

Withdrawal symptoms

If the person are stop taking of tizanidine medication immediately then they suffer the various complication like muscle break down ,liver disease and many organ failure , may life threatening.

In the instance stop take of this medicine showing various symptoms like seizure, hallucination , headache,high fever, organ failure,low blood pressure.
Those patients are stop the medication they must consult with doctor or pharmacist.

Renal insufficiency
This medicine is very harmful to liver so dose is increased gradually .sudden increase of dose may cause the liver problems . Kidney also showing the problems high amount of tizanidine.may kidney failure are happens for the high dose intake.

Cardiovascular and hepatic disorder

This medicine are not recommended for the patients those patients are suffer conronnary disorder and hepatic and renal disease.
Continuous monitoring of the patients who are take this medication.

Hepatic dysfunction

Those patients taking higher dose above 12 mg or 12 mg they are must check the liver function monthly basis for 4 month.
continuously taking this medicine for the long time patient may suffer the jaundice .
Tizanidine Capsule
Tizanidine Capsule

Some Side effect

As you know all the medicine have some side effect same in this medicine some common side effect are

  • Back pain
  • Anxiousness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Spasms
  • Sweating
  • Skin rash
  • Fatigue
Muscle tone is increase when patients are Instance increase the dose of the form Lower to Higher Dose .So the dose of the medicine is increase 2 mg to 4 mg minimum dose gap is required 4 day for the reducing the muscle tone.
This medicine may Interact with  alcohol , cimetidine , acyclovir , famotidine,
Ticlopidine ,Zileuton, birth control pills, antibiotics, Blood pressure medication.

Mechanism of action

Tizanidine is structurally similarly to the clonidine.Excessive intake of clonidine is inhibits release of excitatory amino acid in the spinal interneuron that causes the failure to the signal to the brain .As the similarity between the structurally they may acting as same.

This medicine is a central acting myotonolytic agent which is affecting the spinal polysynaptic Reflex. Agonistic activity of alpha 2 adrenergic receptor release of amino acid in the interneuron of spinal. Which is affecting the inhibition of corticospinal pathways.


Metabolism of tizanidine is mainly occurs by the helps of cytochrome P450 by the sub enzyme CYP1A2. Half life of the tizanidine is 2.5 hours. When the patients are taking about 20 mg of medicine 95 % of the medicine are metabolism . this medicine is excreted through the urine and faces .

Tizanidine dose

Normal dose of this medicine is 2 mg once in a time .you can take upto 3 time per day between 6-8 hour . dose is gradually increase to 4 mg when lower dose is not control the muscle spasm . In a day you can take upto 36 mg and in a single dose is contain about 12 mg maximum.

This medicine is very good effect when you take by the mouth so mostly dosage form are discovered in tablets and capsule form.

Some brand of Tizanidine

TIZAN 2 mg Tablets are manufactured by the sun pharmaceutical Industries Ltd price 120 rupees for 10 tablets in india .
SIRDALUD 2 MG Tablets are manufacturing by the Novarist India Ltd in the price 123 rupees for 6 tablets in India .
TIZAVIN 4 mg Tablets are manufacture by the East West Pharmaceuticals pvt Ltd in the price 46 rupees for the 10 tablets.


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