Ondansetron Use and Side Effect | Mechanism of Action

How Ondansetron use for the vomiting and nausea?

Ondansetron is one of the famous medicine for the vomiting . among all the dosage form
ondansetron orally disintegrating tablets shortly know as ondansetron odt. This medicine is
famous for the treatment of vomiting . Brand name of this medicine is Zofran. This medicine
mainly use for the treatment of nausea and vomiting.
Ondansetron tablets
Ondansetron tablets 

Nausea and vomiting are most common symptoms which is occuring any physiological
changes in the body . In our body physiological changes may occuring due to effect of
virus and bacteria , treatment of other disease by the chemotherapy .

Doctor most of the time prescribe ondansetron along with other medicine to reduce the
side effect of other medicine . side effect like nausea and vomiting .

For example cisplatin which is use for the treatment of various type of cancer and it induce
the vomiting . so in this case doctor prescribe the Ondansetron along with this medicine to
reduce the vomiting effect.

People those have the allergy to traveling or they doing vomiting at the time of traveling.
they can take this medicine for the avoiding this effect .

Why ondansetron is given after surgery ?
After surgery nausea and vomiting are the common reason because before surgery
patients don’t eat any type of food . after surgery completion doctor give pain killer to the
patient due to empty stomach, patients show nausea and vomiting like symptoms .

Why patients are strongly recommended that don’t eat any food before surgery ?
When you take food in our body various types of gland and neurotransmitter are active
secretion of respective fluid . if the secretion is more than doctor are facing more problems
at time of surgery. This is the one reason .

Ondansetron side effect

As we know all the medicine have some side effect. Some common side effect are
headache and dizziness. It also showing some mild effect like constipation and abdominal
discomfort .

When this medicine is given through I.V route it may show Hypertension ,bradycardia,
chest pain , and allergic reaction .

If this type of symptoms are not recover in the early stage,  than immediate take advice of
doctor or the pharmacist to relieve the effect of the medication .

Mechanism of action ondansetron

Before the i explain the mechanism of action of ondansetron i explain the
How vomiting are occour ?
Vomiting occur when vomiting center is stimulated by the chemoreceptor trigger zone .
chemoreceptor trigger zone(CTZ) is contain both serotonin (5HT) and dopaminergic
receptor . CTZ zone is present brain but outside of blood brain barrier.

So any type of chemotherapy can easily reached the CTZ zone and stimulate 5 HT receptor .
Ondansetron is the prototype medicine which is selectively block the 5 HT3 receptor.

It block the depolarizing of serotonin to bind with 5HT3 Receptor so vomiting reflex are stops.

Metabolism and excretion

This medicine has the 60-70% oral bioavailability . This medicine is hydroxylated by the
cytochrome enzyme know as CYP1A2, CYP2D6 and CYP3A . Then the process of
glucuronide and sulfate conjugation.
Ondansetron strip patches
Ondansetron strip patches

It is eliminated by urine and Faces . plasma T1/2 is 3-5 hours . when the patients take
normal dose this medicine showing the action upto 6-8 hours.


8 mg of I.V injection given before the chemotherapy .
Normal dose is 4 mg if the patient are feeling better. Then gradually dose is increase by
consulting with doctor or the pharmacist.

Normally 8 mg of two dose is given to patients in the 24 hours time period .
Maximum dose is not exceed 32 mg per day.

When given intravenous 8 mg dose is not exceed in the single time.

Interaction with other medicine

There are no evidence to interaction of the other medicine . this medicine may interact
with the drug like alcohol , temazepam , furosemide , tramadol, morphine, lignocaine,
propofol, thiopental.

This medicine is metabolism by cytochrome enzyme . those medicine are inhibit the
secretion of cytochrome enzyme metabolism may hamper .

Those medicine are competitively bind with serotonin they can hamper the metabolism
of this medicine.

Ondansetron brand name

Delvin Formulation pvt Ltd manufacture the EMEFILM 4mg Tablets price of the tablets 286
rupes for 30 tablets.

Cipla ltd manufacture EMESET ODT 4 mg Tablets price 49.28 rupees for 10 tablets in India.
Indi pharma Pvt Ltd manufacturer VOMISET 4 mg Tablets price 50 rupees for 10 tablets.

In the USA and world wide Novartis pharmaceutical manufacturing the ondansetron as a
brand name ZOFRAN. This medicine has the various type of dosage form like
Flexi- AMP injection, normal injection , suppository, tablets and capsule . Price of the Zofran
odt tablets is 695 dollar for 30 tablets.


This medicine is taken before 30 minutes of the taking of any type of chemotherapy .
if you take this medicine along with the chemotherapy then this medicine does not show
the action .

You can take this medicine with or without food there are not any effect.

Don’t panic to show the side effect consult the doctor or the pharmacist .

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