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Ondansetron Use and Side Effect | Mechanism of Action

How Ondansetron use for the vomiting and nausea? Ondansetron is one of the famous medicine for the vomiting . among all the dosage form
ondansetron orally disintegrating tablets shortly know as ondansetron odt. This medicine is
famous for the treatment of vomiting . Brand name of this medicine is Zofran. This medicine
mainly use for the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

Nausea and vomiting are most common symptoms which is occuring any physiological
changes in the body . In our body physiological changes may occuring due to effect of
virus and bacteria , treatment of other disease by the chemotherapy .

Doctor most of the time prescribe ondansetron along with other medicine to reduce the
side effect of other medicine . side effect like nausea and vomiting .

For example cisplatin which is use for the treatment of various type of cancer and it induce
the vomiting . so in this case doctor prescribe the Ondansetron along with this medicine to
reduce the vomiting effect.

People those have the …

Tizanidine Use and Side Effect | Mechanism of Action

Information About the Tizanidine MedicineTizanidine use for skeletal muscle relaxant. This medicine is also helps to relieve the stiffness and muscle restrained action when muscle sclerosis happen. Tizanidine also use for injury and also use for different disease in spinal cord. This medicine is short acting muscle relaxer. Some time doctor is also prescribe for the sleep disorder.
Many people are not understand Muscle sclerosis so i try explain in some word Muscle sclerosis is disease occur form the central nervous system and its impact is directly in the this condition some autoimmune disease are occurs In this condition mylene sheet are mainly affected which is present in the brain .
Doctor some time prescribe for the treatment of Normal headache and symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Tizanidine is also prescribe for the blocking of nerve impulse sending to brain which is helps in muscle spasm ,cramping ,and tightness of muscle .
Some warning for useCytochrome enzyme inhibitorThis medici…

Cyclobenzaprine Use and Side Effect and Mechanism of Action

How Cyclobenzaprine is Works in Treatment of Spasm?Use of cyclobenzaprine Cyclobenzaprine is mainly use for the treatment of acute muscle spasm in the old age group and condition like skeletal muscle pain . it affecting through some sign
and symptoms like pain ,tenderness, restriction in the activity , limitation in the motion . Cyclobenzaprine is come to the market in the brand name known as flexeril.

This medicine are not taking for the long time period maximum two to three week because
skeletal muscle pain are come for the short time period .

Cyclobenzaprine is not use for the Spasticity (stiffness) or any type of nerve problem. This medicine is block the nerve impulse which is send to the brain to feeling the pain like
other pain blocking medicine . Side effectAll the medicine is having some common side effect as like other this medicine have some
side effect like Nausea Dry mouth