Dolutegravir || HIV treatment by Tivicay

Dolutegravir , HIV treatment by Tivicay

Dolutegravir is use for treatment of AIDS. This medicine is come to market containing other drug. This medicine help the patient live longer. AntiHIV  medicine are also helps the transmission of HIV virus. Brand name is Tivicay.
Dolutegravir tablets for HIV
Dolutegravir tablets
                                                       What is dolutegravir ?

This medicine (tivicay) is use to retired the growth of HIV virus and also use some other virus . for example if any virus are attack the human being then this drug is given to the patient .This medicine is use for post exposure prophylaxis.
Due to discrease the growth of HIV virus our immune system are work better .and lower the chance of other disease like cance and infection and feaver etc. so improve the patient life.

Dolutegravir Side effect

This medicine having serious side effect like headache, sleeping problems, allergic hypersensitivity reaction and liver problem occour.

As we discuss avove it increase the immune power after starting this medication or after some month there having some signs and symptoms are shown like Fever, general ill feeling, muscle and joint pain , tiredness , sores in mouth, pelling skin , swelling of eyes, trobles in breathing . if the symptoms are not gone away then consult your doctor.
Doctor given this medication to cure the disease or better life if any sign and symptoms are shown the imidiately told the doctor .

Some patient are facing serious liver problems which are previously affect the hepatitis B virus infection or previously affect any liver problems.

Dolutegravir mechanism of action

Dolutegravir is seconde generation intigrage inhibitor other wise called integrase standard transfer inhibitor (INSTI). Integrase enzymes are helps to interduse the small Virus DNA into human DNA.INTEGARSE enzyme are two domain side whis is help to introduce the DNA in Human DNA. This medicine are bind with intigrse domain side and lock the enzyme for further action . that the reason human DNA are free form virus DNA so body imunity are increase.
Dolutegravir structure
Dolutegravir structure

HIV proviral DNA  is transcripted in the cytoplasm of the host cell by the help of itegrase enzyme . this medicine (tivicay) is block the enzyme the alternative CD4+ cell count is increase . this medicine is both active against the HIV 1 and HIV 2 due to it unique mechanism of action .there are no cross resistance between any other antiretroviral drug. Due use of this medicine patient slowly disappearance of HIV RNA high percentage and improve of CD4 cell count. this tivicay are show good effect  to those patient who is never treatment against the HIV. Dolutegravir  is combine with NRTIs for the batter effect.
This medicine well tolerated and its absorption form suspension formulation is rapid than other formulation. Plasma peak concentration is ocour in 30 minutes. Plasma half life is 15.6 hour .it is excreted 95% through urine and bowels.

Major metabolism of this medicine tivicay  through glucuronide conjugation by UGT1A1. Other two are cytochrome P40 enzyme through oxidation sub category CYP3A4 and last pathway oxidative defluorination  and glutathione conjugation. This medicine is disturb the disturbed the binding of metal iron.

When a single dose of dolutegravir is given to patient 53 % is excreted through  bowels  and about 31% are execrated through urine unchanged form .


Dolutegravir is comes with single dose and  combine dose .
Single dose strength are 10 mg , 25 mg , 50 mg .
This single dose brand name is Tivicay. It comes to the market as oral dosage form before taking this medication take the advice of doctor or pharmacist. Dolutegravir is can take the patient with food or without food according to suggestion given by the doctor. Information of this medicine are also available in the leaflet present in the box.
And combine medicine like Triumeq manufacture by Viivhealthcare company with combination of abacavir and lamivudine . which is very effective to the HIV patient.
In India Emcure pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd is Manufacture Dolutegravir 50 mg as name INSTGRAB50 MG TABLET in price 108 per tablet.
If forget to take medicine don’t take two dose at one time because it show the overdose effect.

Storage condition of dolutegravir

Dolutegravir is store in the room temperature (20°C to 25°C). Keep this medicine away form the children for the safety purpose. If the medicine box or pack is unseal then don’t take this medicine . container pack is containing  desiccant which is help to absorption of moisture. Don’t take the medicine if the medicine is expired or near to expiry.

History of Dolutegravir

In feb 2013 Food and Drug Administration announced this medication is for approval procress.FDA approve this medication in august 2013. Tivicay 50 mg tablet is approve for use of HIV treatment in the 4th nov 2013 by Canada to Viiv healthcare.


HIV AIDS Treatment by Dolutegravir


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