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AIDS,HIV AIDS, what is aids ?

What is AIDS ?
AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ) is disease caused by HIV virus .This virus is very strong and it directly affect the human immune system. HIV is mainly found all the tissue in the affected persion but it is transmited through only body fluid like semen ,vaginal fluids, blood and breast milk. AIDS is also called condition of rapidly immune failure. All most HIV is transmitted through sex by various body fluid . Non sexuall transmition of HIV is also occouring like infected mother to child , during donation of blood but this chance is very less day today life .
In this article cover cause , transmission, diagnosis, type of HIV virus, treatment and some history . if you want to read HIV virus replication ,how they enter into body please go through this link.
Aids and HIV

HIV is retrovirus of subtype is lentivirus . it  is latin word which means slow . This means its incubation period is much more in human and other mammalian animal. This virus is also affect in apes, cows, goats, horse ,cat , sheep. This virus affect organ like kidney ,liver, heart ,lymphnood etc.and cells which is mainly act as human immune system like helper T cell, macrophages, dendrictic cell. This virus progression is mainly depend upon varios factors like age ,sex, immunity towords HIV virus, other infection, genetic inheritance and other factor.
The common way of HIV virus is transmitted through body fluid like blood, semen, vaginal and rectal fluids, breast milk and infected mother to child.
Some other way are bone marrow transformation , unprotected sex with infeceted persion, sharing of needles ,syrings, and other other medical equipment without striligation, any blood contamination with infected persion, contact with any wound of infected persion.
HIV not spread through hugging ,kissing(not leafe kiss), mosquitoes and other insects bite,shairing of toilet, shairing of bed,sharing of food or drink, air and water.
HIV virus are classified two types HIV 1 and HIV 2. HIV 1 is affected U.S and worldwide but HIV 2 is only seen in the west Africa.HIV 1 is more effective and highly infective .HIV 1 is first seen in the common cihimpanzee. HIV 2 virus are less infective and origin form sooty mangabey which is old world monkey. HIV 1 virus are infected by R RNA which is transcripted to DNA by the enzyme Reverse transcriptase. HIV 1 virus are spread more effectively .after entering into the body it take time about 6-7 year .
Blood test is the common diagnosis of HIV virus are affect or not .there are two type of test are done to know the HIV virus are present or not ELISA TEST(enzyme –linked immunosorbent assay), Western Blot test.
In HIV virus are P24 protein are act improtace role and our body immune system are deveplope P24 the ELISA TEST mainly check  P24 antibody present in the human bood or not. If persion having any doubt after doing any unprotected sex then after 1-2 week he/she can doing ELISA TEST .if the ELISA test is neagative test then test is doing after 3 month. In the ELISA TEST is also doing cheack directly P24 protein are present or not .
Western blot test is very sensitive test used after the ELISA TEST is positive .
Symbol of AIDS
Symbol of AIDS


AIDS name was first GRID the it is changes by CDC (centers of Disease control and prevention) to AIDS in 1982 september. In the 1980 HIV already spread over the five continents like Northen America, south amercia,Eirope Africa and austrlia. In this time 100K -300K people are already infected by HIV the 1981those people are inject the drug into the body this people are affected pneumocystis carinii pneumonia  (PCP) and around 270 people are affected amoung this people 121 people had the 1983 one doctor of france of pasture institute discover the virus Lymphadenopathy associated virus(LAV).in the 1985 U.S first recommendation to prevent HIV form mother to child. In the 1986 intenational commite of the taxonomi of viruses are said HIV and its official Name of this virus is HIV. In the 2017 19.2 million of people are treatment with antiretroviral theraphy . Every year world AIDS day celebrate form 1988 in the December 1st each year for the respect of people are died in this disease and also give opportunity to fight against HIV .

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