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Zidovudine | Use and side effect | Mechanism of Zidovudine

Zidovudine Use for HIV treatment, Mechanism of action

Zidovudine chemically thymidine analog. Another name is azidothymidine, the abbreviated name is AZT. It is mainly used for the treatment ofHIV/AIDS and also use prophylaxis treatment . AIDS is disease caused by HIV virus. Doctor gave to pregnant women for preventing AIDS to new born baby.
Zidovudine is use for the treatment of HIV with a combination of other 2 antiretroviral medicine for more effective action so it is called triple-drug regimen. It increases the patients life span but it is not cure the HIV completely. this medicine is immune status simultaneously increase the CD4+ cell count progressively. Due to immune status increase less chance to infected other disease.
Side effect of ZidovudineA most common side effect include headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite may occur, liver problems, muscle damage, high blood lactate level.
Sometimes skin disease is are may occur like a rash , peeling of the…

Lamivudine side effect, Mechanism , Dosage, History

Lamivudine side effect , Mechanism of Action 

Lamivudine other name is 3TC which is the abbreviation name of this medicine. lamivudine is used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. This medicine is coming under antiretroviral medication. Lamivudine is very effective against both HIV -1 and HIV 2.Lamivudine is come with combination with zidovudine, abacavir, and Tenofovir. This medicine is also used for the treatment of Hepatitis B in some cases.
What is side effect is shown if you have take Lamivudine ?Some common side effect are nausea, vomiting, rash, diarrhea, headache, pain, depression, weakness, fatigue, nasal sign and symptoms, cough, dizziness, sleeping trouble, drowsiness.If you suffer more in any condition immediately contact your doctor or pharmacist. If the any symptoms are not gone away then tell your doctor or health care who is give the medicine. Worse kidney problemIf you take lamivudine there are chances of Kidney problem . if you previously suffer the kidney problem then told y…

Efavirenz | Mechanism of Efavirenz | Side effect

Efavirenz, Mechanism of Efavirenz, Metabolism ,side

Efavirenz is used to treat and prevent the growth of HIV virus .it comes under the category of antiretroviral medicine.This medicine is not cure the AIDS but it can stop the growth of virus. This is discrease the complication of HIV virus and helps to live to better life. To prevent the spreading the deasease form you must take care by some rules
Don’t share your personal things to other person like razors , toothbrushes, needle and syringe , this things are may contact with your blood and having the chances of spreading of virus.
Use the condoms at the time of sex or any other activity.
Efavirenz Side effects
Side effect of this medicine is common like nausea , headache , feeling tired and sleeping troble. Some serious side effect like depression ,liver problems and seizures and sucide thought are come to the patients. During the pregnancy time this medicine is is avoided . This medicine is approved by U.s in the 1998. And this medi…

Tenofovir || Mechanism of action of tenofovir || HIV teatment

Tenofovir: use, side effect, mechanism of action, price
Tenofovir is used for the treatment of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) .it use as single content and combination dose with other content. it is available in the salt form as Tenofovir Disoproxil fumarate. it also uses for hepatitis B .it cures the hepatitis B completely if you take the proper doses as per doctor's instruction.

Tenofovir side effectIt produces few side effects like nausea, vomiting, pain, fever, flatulence, abdominal discomfort, loose motions and headache. Some most importance but less side effect are renal toxicity, a slightly increase in serum creatinine. skin rash is occur some time.
Tenofovir mechanism of actionTenofovir comes under the Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor. Tenofovir is use as prodrug use as disoproxil ester. Tenofovir is also known as acyclic nucleoside phosphonate diiaster analog of adenosine monophosphate. As you know it is prodrug it converted to tenofovir diphosphate in the pre…

Dolutegravir || HIV treatment by Tivicay

Dolutegravir , HIV treatment by TivicayDolutegravir is use for treatment of AIDS. This medicine is come to market containing other drug. This medicine help the patient live longer. AntiHIVmedicine are also helps the transmission of HIV virus. Brand name is Tivicay. What is dolutegravir ?

This medicine (tivicay) is use to retired the growth of HIV virus and also use some other virus . for example if any virus are attack the human being then this drug is given to the patient .This medicine is use for post exposure prophylaxis. Due to discrease the growth of HIV virus our immune system are work better .and lower the chance of other disease like cance and infection and feaver etc. so improve the patient life.
Dolutegravir Side effectThis medicine having serious side effect like headache, sleeping problems, allergic hypersensitivity reaction and liver problem occour.
As we discuss avove it increase the immune power after starting this medication or after some month there having some signs and s…

AIDS || HIV AIDS || what is aids ?|

AIDS,HIV AIDS, what is aids ?

What is AIDS ? AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ) is disease caused by HIV virus .This virus is very strong and it directly affect the human immune system. HIV is mainly found all the tissue in the affected persion but it is transmited through only body fluid like semen ,vaginal fluids, blood and breast milk. AIDS is also called condition of rapidly immune failure. All most HIV is transmitted through sex by various body fluid . Non sexuall transmition of HIV is also occouring like infected mother to child , during donation of blood but this chance is very less day today life . In this article cover cause , transmission, diagnosis, type of HIV virus, treatment and some history . if you want to read HIV virus replication ,how they enter into body please go through this link.
Causes HIV is retrovirus of subtype is lentivirus . itis latin word which means slow . This means its incubation period is much more in human and other mammalian animal. This virus…

HIV || AIDS || how Hiv virus replicate ?

  HIV, AIDS, How HIV virus replicate? What is Hiv? HIV is the virus (human immunodeficiency virus) which produce AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ).this disease directly hamper the human immune system. This virus is very dangerous . virus is protect him to grow the human body. Due to immune supresson many disease are don’t confuse HIV IS the virus and AIDS is produced when virus is affect the normal people .
AIDS symptom Many people are already affected by HIV virus but they are not sohow the symptoms .because of HIV virus are take more time to replicate in the human body about 6-7 year. But in the acute stage it show many symptoms like Fever, chills, muscle aches , joint pain, sore throat , sweats in the night , gland enlarged, red rash, tiredness, weakness , unintentional weight loss, thrush. Symptoms are shown due to infection of various virus not for the HIV . In the first stage of AIDS this type of symptoms are shown then no other symptom are shown in the later be…