Risperidone side effect, mechanism of action,use

Risperidone side effect, mechanism of action,use

What is Risperidone ?

Risperidone is medicine use as antipsychotic treatment.Antipsychotic diseases like

How to take risperidone

Before taking of this drug must read the manual or leaf let which is present along with this medicine . if you are not comfort with this then take advice of doctor or pharmacist .
It is also use for the treating of obsessive –compulsive disorder .in this disease patient are doing the one work repetitively. It also helpful for dementia. But FDA is not approve for the treatment of dementia.
Doctor always prescribe the drug for beater effect of in the paitent or cure the paitent if you have side effect are occours or any discomphort with this drug contact with your doctor immediately.


Mainly common side effect are shown movement problem ,sleepiness ,seeing problem , constipation, incresed weight .serious side effect permanently movement problem other wise known as tardive dyskinesia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, increase risk of sucide ,increase  the blood sugar level. It not known to take safe of pregnancy discuss with your doctor or don’t take in the pregnancy.in this medication inscrese the risk of heart attack.
Drug interaction
Risperidone plasma levels reduce when patient take along with the Carbamazepine and enzyme iducers like barbiturate or phenytoin .dose of risperidone increase if the patient take both the medicine along with risperidone.
If the patient take selative serotonine reuptake inhibitor like fluoxetine it increase the plasma level of Risperidone . Risoeridone is cause of hypotension.

Risperidone chemical structure
Risperidone structure
Risperidone mechanism of action

Risperidone is act on D1 and D2 receptor antagonist which is dopamine receptor .
Dopamine receptor are D1 ,D2, D3,D4,D5. Also it antagonist of receptor 5HT2A, Histamine receptor (H1) ,adnergic receptor (alpha 1).
Dopamine have 4 pathway such as
This path way mediate the positive action of psychosis. Example halocination.
Under active in schizophrenia and mediate psychosis.
It mainly occour due to deficiency of dopamine that is reason of carmping occour and slow the movement and other activity.
It mainy prolactine secrection. That causes the sexual control.
Risperidone is block the dopamine receptor in the mesolimbic pathway and it mediate the antipsychotic efficacy.it descrease the positive symptoms.
Risperidone brand name
Some brand name are Risperdal, Risperdal consta, Risperdal M-Tab , Risperdal Quicklets and Risperlet.

Risperidone History

In the 1980s first study has started and in 1993s united state get the approval for sell the medicine in the market. World health organization was list the medicine for essential medicine and most effective drug.

Risperidone Price

In India Risperdal are mainly two strength 1 mg ,2 mg and 4 mg
Risperdal 2 mg price 155 rupees for 30 tablets and Risperidal 4 mg tablets price is 304 rupees for 30 tablets which is manufacture by  Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd. Risperdal 1mg tablets price is 93.60 rupees for30 tablets.

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