Pantoprazole: use ,side effect, mechanism of action, price, history

Pantoprazole: use ,side effect, mechanism of action, price, history

What is pantoprazole ?

Pantoprazole is use for the treatment of peptic ulcer by decrease the acid in the stomach and esophagus.
Pantoprazole is use for the treatment of another disease like
             Bleeding peptic ulcer
             Stress ulcers

             Gastroesophageal reflux disease

              Zollinger Ellison syndrome

              Aspiration pneumonia
                   Pantoprazole is use to due to prophylaxis of aspiration pneumonia due to            prolonged anaesthesia.   

Pantoprazole is use for the symptoms swallowing problem and heartburn. It also help to treatment of healing of acid damage.

Pantoprazole is belong to proton pump inhibitors and also known as PPI.
Pantoprazole is also take NSAIDS induced gastric or duodenal ulcers.

How to Take Pantoprazole ?

            Before taking the pantoprazole read the manual or leaf let of the drug or consult the pharmacist or doctor.
Some Medicine  are increase the secration the acid by stimulating the enzyme.
So doctor are prescribe the first pantoprazole and related to same drug.
Pantoprazole tablets for acidity
Pantoprazole tablets

Side effect of Pantoprazole

Side effect of pantoprazole is very less. But in some case side effect like
    Loose stools or diarrhea
     Due to continuous use of pantoprazole diarrhea is occour due to some bacteria infection . Don’ take any medication for diarrhea .consult the doctor or pharmacist for this situation.
    Abdominal pain
    Muscle and joint pain
    Hepatic dysfunction
    Atropic gastric
    Erectile dysfunction
       Pantoprazole is continues use it reduced testosterone level.
    Calcium absorption reduced
Proton pump inhibitor like pantoprazole reduced the absorption of Vitamin B12 .so vitamin B12 deficiency may is occours due to long time use.
Some time Pantoprazole is show the serious allergic reaction.
This information is limited for the use of pantoprazole. If any more side effect is occour contact your doctor or pharmacist.
 chemical Pantoprazole stucture
Pantoprazole stucture

Mechanism of action of pantoprazole

Pantoprazole is proton pump inhibitor group.
Pantoparazole is highly acid stable drug.
It stop the secretion of acid in stomach at last stage.
To known how pantoprazole stop acid secretion you must known the process of acid secretion in our stomach.

How acid secrete in our body ?

Parietal cells are secrete the acid in our body .
In the surface of the cell there are more receptor are present like
      H2  Receptor
      Gastrin receptor
      Acetylcholine receptor
  H2 receptor are attached histamine then it stimulated adenyl cyclase enzyme . Adenyl cyclase is converted the ATP to CAMP.
When gastrin receptor is stimulated it influx ca+ ion .
When acetylcholine receptor is stimulated it also influx the ca+ ion .
All the CAMP and ca+ ion are produce the protein kinase .this protein kinase is directly act on the H+ K+ ATPase .to increase the acid secretion in our body.
That is the reason acidity lable is increase and PH descries  in our body.

How pantoprazole is act in our body ?

Pantoprazole is act in the last stage of acid secretion of our body.
Pantoprazole is act on H+ K+ ATPase influx of K+ ion inside body. And stop the secretion of acid in the body.

Pharmacokinetic of pantoprazole  

Pantoprazole is more stable in the acid medium because it has enteric acid resistance coating .
Pantoprazole is absorbed in the duodenum .pantoprazole is mainly coating with enteicoated or sugar coated due to less degaraded. Bioavailability is more in oral dose.
It is also available for i.v administration.
It stop the bleeding in the GI tract in peptic ulcer, it has lower affinity for cytochrome P450.
Plasma half life is 2 hour .


it is the active single enantiomer of pantoprazole .it is twice potent as the recemate .
some medicine name are

Dose of pantoprazole

Some medicine name are
PANTOCID ,PANTODAC 40 mg enteric coated tablets, PANTIUM 40 mg tablets and 40 mg injection is also available in the market.
Pantoprazole 40 mg is use relief the pain rapidly and healing occours. It take time of 4-8 weeks .
Bleeding peptic ulcer
In this situation pantoprazole 40 mg to120 mg per day take.
Stress ulcers
Intravenous pantoprazole is more effective .
Gastroesophageal reflux disease
In this disease patient take drug continuously until disease is not cure completed.
Daily dose 20-60 mg daily in 1-2 dose.
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
Dose is 20-120 mg per day.

Price of Pantoprazole

price of pantoprazole tablets starts form RS 2 to 6 rupees in india .
cipla manufacture pansec 40 mg tablets and injection .
price of pansec 40 mg  injuction is RS 50.33.
Hetero manufacture pantopen 20 mg tablets RS 25.00 for 10 tablets.
Micro labs manufacture pantotab 40 mg INJUCTION price RS 58.00.

History of pantoprazole

Pantoprazole discover is starting 1980 and finally produce in 1985.
Byk gulden is discover the compound pantoprazole .He is discover this drug when he working for another drug .
Name of BY1029 and SK&F96022 .Then in the year 1986 company name pantoprazole sodium .it is first marketed in Germany in 1994. And get the approval of US FDA in 2000 in trade name protonix.
In 2004 world wide sell drug about 3.70 billion .


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