Montelukast :Use,side effect ,dosage,action,Price

Use of Montelukast

Montelukast is mainly use for tritment of asthma ,exercise induced bronchospasm
Allergic Rhinitis,(it is also known as hay fever,is type of inflammation in the nose which
 Is the over react to allergins .
It is also used to prevent allergic reaction and asthma flare ups during the admistration of intravenous immunoglobin.
It may also be used as an adjunct therapy in symptomatic treatment of mastocytosis.
 Montelukast is come under the leukotriene this category  one another drug is Zafirlukast has the same action.
Montelukast tablets
montelukast tablets

Side effect of Montelukast and zafirlukast

These two drug are very safe drug having very less side effect like
Headache and rashes.
Suicidal thought or action
Sleeping trouble
Eosinophilia and neuropathy are infrequent.
Some case of churg strauss syndrome have been reported.
Montelukast and zafirlukast are well absorbed orally ,highly plasma protein bound and metabolized by CYP2C9 ,CYP2C8 and CYP3A4.
The plasma half life of motelukast is 3-6 hours ,zafirlukast  is 8-12 hour.
Some brand name of montelukast is EMLUKAST,MONTAIR,VENTAIR 4 mg ,5 mg,,10 mg tablets,ZUVAIR  10 mg ,20 mg tablets.

Action of montelukast

Asthma is mainly occour in morning and evening. Asthma and chronical obstruct pulmonary diseses are mainly same but asthma has main three Problem is also called triangle problem of asthma.
1 airway obstruction
2 smooth muscle hyperplasia
3 infalmation
Asthma has two action immediate action and late phase action
Type of asthma is two type
1 Atopic /Extrinsic
2 Non atopic /Intrensic
Non atopic is case which is cause by aspirin, Exercise, stress, cold, occupational toxic

Bronchial asthma is occours due to cystenyl leukotrienes(LT-C4/D4) for that reason leukotriene antagonists are develop.
Montelukast and zafirlukast are highly antagonize the cysLT1 receptor .
CysLT1 receptor is responsible for  broncho constriction , increased vascular permeability and recruitment of eosinophil .
Bronchodilation ,reduced sputum eosinophils count ,suppression of bronchial inflammation and hyperreacctivity are noted in asthama patients.
Some studies have found that certain patients are responders while other s are nonresponders to anti-LT therapy.
Montelukast structure
montelukast structure

Drug interaction of Motelukast

This drug has very few drug drug reaction.
Motelukast is self inhibit the drug metabolise enzyme like CYP2C8.
So doctor prescribe the combination of motelukast  with a CYP2C8 substrate like
Amodiaquine or antimalarial drug could increase the  plasma concentration of the substrate .
Dosage of montelukast
What is montelukast ?
Montelukast is medicine which is available in the market as tablet, chewable tablets, granules, liquid .
Montelukast brand name of the tablets is singulair which is prepare by merck & co.
This medicine is not stable as its own molecule so it made as salt form.
Doctor mainly given the montelukast with adding some other drug.
Levocetrizine is mainly added with montelukst.

Histroy of Montelukast

There is no information about history of montelukast.

Dosage of montelukast

Montelukast is avalible in generic form and brand form .
Oral tablets are made 10 mg and chewable tablets are made 4 mg and 5 mg of strength.
For asthma tritment
Of avobe the age 15 year 10 mg once daily in the evening .
For age group 6-14 year 5 mg chewable tablet 5 mg once daily in the evening.
For age 2-5 year 4 mg chewable tablet once daily in the evening .
Pataint which is suffer exercise induced bronchoconstriction they are htake the motelukast before 2 hour of exercise .
Motelukast is use only once per day if suffer multiple .
Donot stop the takeing of the drug suddenly. if you suffer the asthma.
Take the dose timely and daily basis for proper working of drug.
If you take more drug it may cause overdose some symptoms are
1.    pain in your abdomen
2.    vomiting
3.    trouble sleeping
4.    thirst
5.    headache
6.    hyperactive behavior
Remember only one dose per day.
You can take drug with or without food.
Don’t break the tablets before eat.
Storage condition of montelukast is Room temperature.

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