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Ibuprofen : use, side effect, mechanism of action , Dosage, Price , Brand of ibuprofen

What is Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen comes under Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs .(NSAIDS)
It has analgesic, antipyretic action. This drug is a propionic acid derivative.

Ibuprofen Use

Ibuprofen is widely used for

  •       Rheumatoid arthritis
  •       Osteoarthritis
  •       Any other musculoskeletal disorders
  •        Pain in the body
  •        Soft tissue injuries
  •        Fractures
  •        Vasectomy
  •        Tooth extraction
  •        Postpartum
  •        Suppress swelling and inflammation
  •        Headache
  •         Menstrual cramps
  •         Fever
  •         Pain due to common cold or flu
 Please don’t take the drug directly from the market ask the doctor or pharmacist.
There are much company are manufacturing this drug with combining other drug has its effect is different.
Ibuprofen is otherwise known“OVER THE COUNTER” drug.(OTC)

Ibuprofen tablets
Ibuprofen tablets

How to take Ibuprofen

Before taking this drug to read the manual or leaflet present in side the box.
You can take this drug with food , milk , an antacid or water.
 If your stomach disturbance, Don’t sleep after taking this drug for 10 minutes.

Ibuprofen Side effect

As compared to other drug side effect of ibuprofen are very less, mild and their incidence is lower. Side effect like

  1. Gastric discomfort
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Gastric erosion

  Gastric erosion is known due to the internal part of cell or tissue are damage.

       Natural blood loss
       Blurring of vision

   Blurring vision is otherwise known as short site ness.


   Otherwise known as ringing in the ears .many people are having the same effect.
       Other hypertensive activity are observe

 Some major side effect

Those people take ibuprofen for a long time they have the chances  of heart attack or heart stoke. if you had a recent heart attack don’t take ibuprofen. Inform to your doctor. if anyone take ibuprofen and he/she has the symptom like chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness of one part of your body then immediate take to him medically.
If you have coronary artery bypass surgery is done then don’t take this medicine like ibuprofen.

Mechanism of action of Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is propionic acid derivatives.
It directly acts on cox 1 and cox2 selective enzyme and stop the pain mechanism.

How pain, inflammation is occur

There are no store of prostaglandin in the body they are directly synthesized from membrane lipids when get some external/appropriate stimuli.
Stimuli activate hydrolases, also stimulate phospholipase A .probably intracellular ca+ increase.
Then the cyclooxygenase pathway starts.
Phospholipase A is responsible for arachidonic acid synthesis.
Arachidonic acid is cyclooxygenase and produces PGG2  and PGH2.
Cyclooxygenases is two types of enzyme COX1 and COX 2.
PGH2 is isomerases and produce PGE2 , PGD2, PGF2. These three are mainly responsible for pain,  fever, and inflammation.
PGH2 is then converted into TXA2 by the process thromboxane synthase.TXA2 is not stable in this state for a long time it is converted into TXB2 suddenly.
it also converted into platelet.
PGH2 is also converted into PGI2 by the process prostacyclin synthase.PGI2 is not stable it is converted into 6 keto-PGF1.
This PGD2,  PGE2, PGF2 have activated the neuron which act on the brain for the sensation of pain, inflammatory, fever.

How ibuprofen act on body

Ibuprofen directly binds with COX1 and COX2 enzyme and stop all the step of synthesis of PGD2,  PGE2, and PGF2.So no inflammation, pain , and fever occurs.
The ibuprofen plasma half-life is 2 hour.

Ibuprofen dosage

Ibuprofen are manufacture by the various pharmaceutical company .
Ibuprofen are manufacture tablet and capsule of dosage 200 mg, 400 mg , 800 mg.
Generally, doctor prescribes 400 mg to 800 mg for adult dose for every 4 hours to 6 hours.
Don’t take more ibuprofen like 2400 mg in a day it causes adverse drug reaction.

Ibuprofen iv dose for pain

Ibuprofen is given to cure the pain symptom 400 mg to 800 mg every 6 hours. The maximum dose does not exceed 3200 mg per day.

Ibuprofen oral dose

Ibuprofen is given to the orally 200 to 400 mg every 4 hours to 6 hours.

Ibuprofen brands

Ibuprofen has more brand name but I give some example

  1. Combiflam    
  2. Calsolor                   
  3. Cap-profen                                  
  4. Brufen                       
  5. Bufen
  6. A-G profen
  7. Alges-X
  8. Ibuprox

Ibuprofen Price

Ibuprofen 200 mg price start in India form RS 3.00 to RS 10.00 for 10 tablets.
Ibuprofen tablet 400 mg tablets price starts to form RS 11.00 for 15 tablets.
Brufen-400 mg tablets 15s manufacture by Abbott India price is 10.92 rupees.
Ibugesic -400 mg tablets manufacture by Cipla india price 11.33 rupees.
Ibuprofen 600 mg tablets in USA $ 0.11- $0.39 .


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