Azithromycin :Use, side effect, action ,price ,adverse reaction,History

Azithromycin :Use, side effect, action ,price ,adverse reaction,History

Use of Azithromycin
Azithromycin is macrolide is only use for the kill of bacteria. It is not use for killing of any virus or fungus.

It is not use any viral infection such as cold and fever.

It is mainly use with combining with another drug for better effect of the drug .

Azithromycin is use for various bacterial infection like

·         Legionnaires pneumonia
Legionnaires pneumonia disease is severe lung inflammation cause by bacteria know as legionella. This disease is pass through person to person .
·         Chlamydia trachomatis

This disease is commonly caused by bacteria known as chlamydia this bactria is only replicate in the human cell.This transmitted due sexual behavior worldwide. It infects the urethritis in males and endocervicitis  in females.

·         Donovanosis

Donovanosis is other wise known as Glanuloma inguinale  is caused by bacteria known as Klebsiella granulomatis cause by genital is more common for less developed regions.

·         Chancroid and PPNG urethritis

it is one type of infection in urethritis in male .it sexually transmitted disease cause by more common in western world.
Other potential use are pharyngitis, tonsillitis,sinusitis,otitis media,pneumonias,acute exacerbationsof chronic bronchitis,streptococcal and some staphylococcal skinand soft tissue.
Azithromycin Tablets 1
Azithromycin tablets 1

How to use Azithromycin
If doctor prescribe this medicine then ask the pharmacist .you can check the labale or leaflet to get information about the medicine .

Normally take medicine by mouth as directed by doctor, take only one tablets per day with or without food as directed by doctor or pharmacist .
Some drug are more effective with empty stomach and some drugs are more effective with after food.

Completed all the dose prescribe by the doctor ,don’t discontinued the medicine after coure of small coureness.

Side effect of azithromycin

As compaire to other drug Side of the macrolide antibiotic effect of azithromycin is very less.
Most common side effect are
  • .     Headache
  • .     Abdominal pain
  • .     Dizziness

And another side effect like gas , vaginal yeast infection ,rash, vomiting

If you have more or serious side effect are occour the tell the doctor immediately.
Or if you have any abnormal function unlikely but serious like hearing problem ,eye problem ,swallowing ,muscle weak,liver problem,tiredness, continued vomiting inform the doctor imidiately .

Get the medical help right time for tritment of patient .
Side effect is based upon the amount of dose is taken per day.
Some serious side effect

Liver problem

There are some symptoms to know the liver problem
Loss of appetite,dark urine, yellowing on your skin,pain in upper stomach,weakness

QT prolongation

Causes irregular heart rhythm
Allergic reaction symptom are
Trouble in breathing ,swelling of your face ,lips, tongue ,throat,various skin reaction,

Azithromycin Tablets 2
Azithromycin Tablets 2

Action of azithromycin
Azithromycin is category of macrolide antibiotic. It is otherwise known broad spectrum antibiotic.
Azithromycin is more active than other macrolides against H. influenzae but less active against the gram positive cocci.

High activity is exerted on respiratory pathogens like
·         Mycoplasma

·         Chlamydia pneumonia
·         Legionella
·         Moraxella
And some other
Campylobacter, ch.trachomatis, H. ducreyi, calymm, granulomatis, N. gonorrhoeae.
Azithromycin is not kill the bacteria . it is only stop the growth  of bacteria .
Before I explain Azithromycin work 1st explain bactriea growth
Azithromycin structure
Azithromycin structure

How bacteria grow /bacteria replication
Bacteria replication is procressed mainly two procress
1. Transcription
2. Translation
In this procress bacteria DNA is unbind and separate only one strand is start transcription process by RNA polymerase enzyme which produce M RNA  it is contain all the copy of DNA segment.
In the translation process MRNA is complete detach form the DNA and it is attached with the ribosome of bacteria .
Bacteria ribosome are two sub unit small 30S and large 50S sub unit .subunit joint together around the MRNA and polypeptide chain begins .T RNA align each other for making the strand of DNA.TRNA contain the amino acid for chain contine with the help of ribosome  till the stop MRNA code is not come .

How Azithromycin work

Azithromycin is bind with 50S sub unit of bacteria Ribosome to stop Transpeptidation , Translocation ,chain elongation  and bacteria protine syntethisis .
After long time use of macrolide antibiotic  bacteria ribosome 50S subunit has change frequently so antibiotic resistance of azithromycin .

Metabolism of azithromycin

Azithromycin is acid stability and rapid oral absorption and marked tissue distribution and intarcellular penentration.
Concentration in most tissues exceeds that in plasma .High concentration are attained inside macrophages and fibroblasts.
Plasma half life is less than 50 hr . renal excreted is appox. 10%
Due to high efficacy ,better gastric tolerance and once per day.
Azithromycin has no harm effect for the pregnant women and also breast feeding mother and child.

Dose of Azithromycin

Azithromycin is prepare two strength 250 mg ,500 mg .
For Legionnaires 500 mg azithromycin tablet or intravenous injection for 2 weeks are take.
·         Chlamydia trachomatis is 1 gm of azithromycin is enough .
·         Lymphogranuloma is required 3 weekly dose of Azithromycin tablets .
·         Donovanosis is required 500 mg tablets for 7 days for complited cure of desease.
·         For other bactrerial infection 500 mg once daily 1 hour before and 2 hour after food is sufficient for cure the infection .food descrease the bioavailbility of azithromycin.
Some brand name of Azithromycin tablets are
AZITHRAL 250 mg , 500 mg capsule and tablets are available at market in as almbic company . and 250 mg per 5 ml dry syrup is also avalable in the market.
AZIWOK 250 mg tablet and capsule 100 mg kid tablets are available in the market.
AZIWIN 100 mg ,250 mg , 500 mg tablets are available and 200 mg per 5 ml liquid available In the markets.

History of Azithromycin

Azithromycin is discovered in 1980 and patented in 1981 .by Pharmaceutical company Pliva .in the 1986 pliva and pfizer signed a licensing .which gave Pfizer exclusive rights for sell of drug In the west Europe and USA market.            Pliva get lisenced for sell drug east and rest of all Europe in brand name sumamed in 1988.Pfizer Launched azithromycin under pilva license in name of Zithromax in 1991.

Cost of Azithromycin

Generic medicine of azithromycin cost is started form 11 rupees to 194 rupees.
In US market $4 is course of india it all most half price for course of tritment of diasease.


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