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Donepezil use, side effect, mechanism of action,Price

Donepezil use, side effect, mechanism of action, Price
What is donepezil?
Donepezil is the medicine that comes to the market name as Aricept treatment of Alzheimer’s disease .and it also uses for the treatment of dementia and confusion. Donepezil also increases the brain memory and intelligence and function of the mainly balancing and restoring the neurotransmitter in the brain. Don’t take the medicine unnecessary for any other reason .read the manual or leaflet for taking this medicine or consult with the doctor or pharmacist.

Side effect Donepezil Donepezil having some common side effect like Diarrhea , headache, insomnia, nausea, vomiting. Some case having chronic Abdominal pain, lack of appetite , yellowed skin, dizziness, slow heartbeat, sudden or substantial weight loss, weakness. Mechanism Action of DonepezilMechanism of donepezil actually not know clearly. but it may act as an anticholinesterase . Donepezil is bind with cholinesterase reversibly.and increase acetylcholine. A…

Cytochrome P450 || P450 || What is cytochrome P450 ?

Cytochrome P450 || P450 
What is Cytochrome P450 ?
Cytochrome P450 is Enzyme having large superfamily of monooxygenases that is helps to metabolized various compound in human and animal and plant. Function is catabolized the compound which produce the energy, helps to remove the drug , chemical, pesticide which is taken knowingly or unknowingly, catabolized carcinogens compound , Catalyze synthesis of steroid hormone, cholesterol , bile acids ,arachidonate metabolites and also help the degaradation of endogenous compound as fatty acid and steroids. The reaction catalyzed in cytochrome P450s with aliphatic and aromatic hydroxylation ,N- ,O-, S-dealkylations and also oxidationof heteroatoms. Some time oxidative metabolism produce the harmful toxin. For the reaction required some external energy which is produce by NADH(Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and auxiliary proteins known as putidaredoxine and puidaredoxine reductase P450cam to transfer the electronsto P450.

How many cytochrome P45…

Budesonide:side effect ,Use, Mechanism of action ,Price, Budesonide Inhaler

Budesonide:side effect ,Use, Mechanism of action , Price,Budesonide Inhaler
What is Budesonide?
Budesonide is comes under corticosteroid . it mainly use for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is available as inhaler . pil, nasal spray, rectal form and capsule .Budesonide is mainly use for asthma in the form of inhaler to treatment of allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps. Budesonide in the inhaler form are more active than the other dosage form.
Budesonide side effect
Budesonide having some side effect
RashNose burning when inhale Bleeding form the noseUpset stomachCoughDry mouthSore throatBad test in mouthChange in mucusBlurred vision When patient are suffer Swelling of the face ,Difficulty for breathing , white marks in the throat, white marks on face or nose, Irregular menstrual periods, acne on face or behavioral changes occur immediately consult with doctor. Budesonide for long term use It suppress the immunity of persion that why another disease are affect easily…

Risperidone side effect, mechanism of action,use

Risperidone side effect, mechanism of action, use
What is Risperidone?
Risperidone is medicine use as antipsychotic treatment. Antipsychotic diseases like Schizophenia, bipolar disorder, autism . How to take risperidone Before taking of this drug must read the manual or leaflet which is present along with this medicine. if you are not comforted with this then take the advice of doctor or pharmacist. It is also used for the treating of obsessive-compulsive disorder .in this disease patient are doing the one work repetitively. It also helpful for dementia. But FDA does not approve for the treatment of dementia.

The doctor always prescribe the drug for beater effect of in the patient or cure the patient if you have side effect occurs or any discomfort with this drug contact with your doctor immediately. RISPERIDONE SIDE EFFECT Mainly common side effect are shown movement problem, sleepiness, seeing a problem, constipation, increased weight .serious side effect permanently movement problem othe…

What is thyroid hormone ?|| How it is synthesis ? || thyroid symptom

What is thyroid? The thyroid is a hormone which is secreted form some specific a gland in the human. When it secrete more is called hyperthyroidism and when it secretes less is called hypothyroidism. Before I explain about hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism first explain how thyroid hormone secreted in our body. How thyroid hormone secreted ? Thyroid hormone is synthesized and store in follicularcells as form of thyroglobulin molecule.thyroid gland is present in neck of human body and it shape is like butterfly. Follicular cells which is present in thyroid gland are play mazor roal for this synthesis . Hypothalamus release the hormone name thyroid stimulating hormone (THS) to stimulating follicular cell to synthesized thyroglobulin which is common chain of tyrosin ring. Follicular cells outer side is blood vessel .folicular cell outer membren contain the NA I+ symporter which is take iodide in side cell and inside of the membren ca+ symportor which is pass the iodide to lumen of the follicul…

Ibuprofen : use, side effect, mechanism of action , Dosage, Price , Brand of ibuprofen

What is Ibuprofen?
Ibuprofen comes under Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs .(NSAIDS) It has analgesic, antipyretic action.This drugis a propionic acid derivative. Ibuprofen Use Ibuprofen is widely used for
Rheumatoid arthritisOsteoarthritisAny other musculoskeletal disordersPain in the bodySoft tissue injuriesFracturesVasectomyTooth extractionPostpartumSuppress swelling and inflammationHeadacheMenstrual crampsFeverPain due to common cold or flu Please don’t take the drug directly from the market ask the doctor or pharmacist. There are much company are manufacturing this drug with combining other drug has its effect is different. Ibuprofen is otherwise known“OVER THE COUNTER” drug.(OTC)

How to take Ibuprofen
Before taking this drug to read the manual or leaflet present in side the box. You can take this drug with food , milk , an antacid or water. If your stomach disturbance, Don’t sleep after taking this drug for 10 minutes.
Ibuprofen Side effect
As compared to other drug side effect of ibupro…